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Hi, I'm Tuyet! It's great to meet you!

I am a Design Researcher passionate about improving experiences, streamlining processes, and making information easily accessible to everyone. I enjoy finding patterns in data and user behavior to inform product solutions and build intuitive interfaces.

Growing up with immigrant parents, I know first-hand some of the challenges that are faced when there is a lack of access. My parents never finished elementary school. They do not read or write in any language, but with determination (and my siblings and I translating), they were able to run a convenience store.

family photo in store

Witnessing the difficulties they faced trying to fill out forms or navigating to a new place inspired me to be of service to others.

As far back as I can remember (3rd grade volunteering to shelve books), I’ve worked in libraries, universities, and educational centers – organizing information, teaching, and helping people find the information they need.

Now, as a Researcher, I still believe making resources easy to find and use provides opportunities for people to learn and make informed decisions that can improve their lives.

5 facts about me

my university students

I used to be a teacher. I’ve taught university students how to design and build websites with HTML, CSS, PHP, and Adobe Creative Suite.

my K-12 student

I have a degree in Studio Art. Whenever possible, I would incorporate art into my teaching. It has helped my younger students write better stories.

basket of mangosteensslice of banana cream pie

I have a sweet tooth. I love eating mangosteens and baking pies.

knitted bunnyknitted bag with naturally-dyed yarn

I’m a maker. In my free time, I keep busy with DIY craft projects. The bag is from yarn that I dyed myself through my trip with Vu Thao at VAWAA.

Meeting Eleven of Stranger Things in AR

‘Stranger Things’ captivates me. It was a blast meeting Eleven! (even if it was only in AR)